Statuses/user_timeline does not return all retweets


Calling “statuses/user_timeline” making sure to pass in the “include_rts=true” parameter does not return all retweets.


  1. User A retweets User B’s tweet.
  • “statuses/user_timeline” returns the retweet
  1. User B now makes his account protected.
  • “statuses/user_timeline” does not return the retweet, BUT if the user’s account is viewed through we see the protected retweet on his tweet list.

Conversely in the Twitter 1.0 API “statuses/retweeted_by_me” WILL return the protected retweet, even though “user_timeline” does not. “statuses/retweeted_by_me” currently does not exist in the 1.1 API, any suggestions?



Bump Does anyone at least see the same behavior?