"statuses/update" posts tweet to account, but returns 403 Status is a duplicate as well



Can’t explain it. I’ve looked and tested if my code is being called/run twice. Can’t find the culprit.
Every time I post a tweet update, api return 403 “status is a duplicate” error.

Is this a known issue or has anyone experienced this before (or right now)?


Really difficult to say without seeing a code snippet - I’ve just successfully posted a couple of Tweets using twurl and the API didn’t complain. It does sound likely you might have a loop or something that causes the call to happen twice.


Yeah, my initial reaction is that I always messed up first lol :slight_smile: 9 times out of 10 that’s the case. The status/update calls are being run by a queue command (cronjob) to post scheduled updates, etc.

I tested another command and it’s running twice too. Agh. You’re off the hook Twitter. Time to gracefully restart mind now :wink:


Look, Twitter won’t allow to cast same tweet every time. As you are posting scheduled tweets I think, the tweet that you have tweeted once matches the tweet that your program is trying to tweet! That’s why it’s showing 403 “status is a duplicate” error. This happens most of the time this error occurs when you try to tweet from a file. So, here’s what you can do (what seems to be the solution I think),

  • You can delete the same tweet from your twitter timeline.
  • You can change the line of the tweet from your file.

Note: If you are not tweeting form a file or something like that, let me know. Also let me know if this works.
Hope it helps. I’ll look forward to your reply.
God Bless.


Thanks, but as my last message stated I figured it out. Nothing to do with API. My cron workers were running twice. I reset them. All is well.


Secondly, I wouldn’t recommend what you’re suggesting. That doesn’t solve the issue. It’s a hack to get around finding/fixing the real issue at hand. A pretty ugly one at that.


Yeah I know, I suggested that as a temporary suggestion while I said what could be the possible reason. Anyways :slight_smile: