Statuses/update in reply to tweet with media, doesn't work properly (rare error)



Hi, I need help with a strange problem I found using the REST API.

I’m using the endpoint “statuses/update” with the parameter “in_reply_to_status_id” for reply to a determinate tweet and the parameter “media_ids” because I want to attach a image to that tweet… I’m going to explain the problem with two accounts: A and B. A is the account who is posting a tweet for reply to account B and always I’m using the REST API.

Once the tweet with an image and in reply to a tweet from B is posted with A. I’m going to login on Twitter web in the account A to check that the tweet is posted correctly and effectively is posted correctly in the tweet timeline from B account. But after I login in Twitter web with B account and I check againg the same tweet timeline but now I can’t see the reply with image from account A. Even if the reply counter of the tweet it’s counting that tweet with image it doesn´t appear.

In that image I tried to answer three times with an image and the counter works but it’s only showing the tweets without image, because when I not using images it’s always working.

I checked if it was a permission problem and it’s not. If I go inside account A from account B I can see all the tweets with their images. I can’t see it only when I am inside account B looking to the tweet timeline.

Thanks to everybody,