Statuses/update api throw error 324 "User id xxxuser_idxxx doesn't own media id xxxmedia_idxxx"



Hello everyone,
I’m facing this strange issue. Sometimes, if I try to share status with image using rest api end point “statuses/update” then it is throwing error no. 324

“{“errors”:[{“code”:324,“message”:“User id xxxuser_idxxxx doesn’t own media id xxxmedia_idxxxx”}]}”.

Other detail:-
=> I’m uploading, image with rest api end point “media/upload”.
=> Also, If I try to share identical data (status with image) then it will shared successfully.

Please help me to figure it out.

Thanks in advance.


Are you using an Ads API account?

Are you uploading (via media/upload) and Tweeting (via statuses/update) with the same Twitter user account?


No, I’m not using Ads API account.

I believe, I’m sending uploaded media to other account that’s why I
encountered this issue.

Also, I found issue and make changes in my source code.

Thanks for help andypiper.