Statuses/show/id for known good id_str doesn't work


Using Twython, calling show_status(id=‘535184951973793792’) returns a 404

the ID works from the browser:

This is one of 3 known-good ids and is the only one that fails. The ids are captured as id_str and used as strings.


In what sense is this ID “known good”? The permalink page 404s for me. If this was once a tweet ID, the tweet’s now deleted.


Fascinating. Works for me still:

Well, I’d show a screen shot if I could upload an image.


Isaac, that link still gets a tweet for me, but 404’s via the API.


Now the link and the API work for me. I’ve checked across datacenters too.

Can you still replicate the issue? If so, can you let me know what IP addresses and resolves to for you?


Okay, it must have been a transient problem, I can’t reproduce it any more either. Thanks for the help.