Statuses/show authentication issues



When optional parameters :

  1. trim_user is set to true,t or 1
  2. include_my_retweet is set to true, t or 1
  3. include_entities is set to true

if any of the above optional parameters are used
The following response is obtained :

“status”: 200,
“appStatus”: 1,
“errorId”: 4000,
“errorMessage”: “Error while processing with Twitter”,
“networkError”: {
“message”: “Could not authenticate you.”,
“code”: 32

So what can I do to get the proper response ?


What environment are you seeing this in - the only part of this that is an error from Twitter is the message and code inside the networkError section of this payload.

I’ve just executed a statuses/show call using twurl and added trim_user=1 and I’m unable to reproduce this. I suspect whatever code you’re using is not correctly encoding the request parameters for the authentication step.


I am using sandbox environment


Apologies, I was asking what language you’re coding in and what libraries you are using. The sandbox for the premium API or Ads API is not relevant to this endpoint.