Statuses/retweets/:id ordering

#1 states that this endpoint “Returns up to 100 of the first retweets of a given tweet.”. But when I call this endpoint for tweet with more than 100 retweets, I got some really fresh retweets. So it looks like it return up to 100 most recent retweets.

I wanted to ask, if it is a error in documentation, or a ordering of tweets is a implementation detail which can change in future with no warning?

If this endpoint ordering is “unstable” by design, what is the other, stable way of getting newest retweets of a tweet (and no, please do not suggest streams. I can’t use them in this case.)


It’s a documentation error, that I’ve now fixed… It is in fact most recent.

I’m still going to suggest the Streaming API. If you’re interested in collecting “all” of the public retweets around a tweet, it’s still going to be your best solution.


Thanks for quick response.

I will consider using Stream API for this but not now.

Thanks for fixing documentation. I think it could be misleading for some people. It now says, that endpoint returns 100 results. Someone can understand that count defaults to 100, especially that there is no information about count parameter default. I think it used to say “returns up to 100”.