Statuses/retweeters/ids cursor not working?


The statuses/retweeters/ids documentation includes a cursor parameter. When I query using a id of a status with more than 100 retweets, the result is apparently the first page of user. However, the previous cursor and next cursor values are 0 (zero). I have used multiple tweet id’s, each with 100+ retweets with the same result. In the initial API call, I am omitting the cursor parameter since the documentation states that omission is an implied -1 (the first page). Is there a defect in the statuses/retweeters/ids API call?


The upper bound of returnable results for a tweet in this method is 100.

if you were to use an alternate, lower count value, you would be able to use the cursors to navigate the collection in smaller chunks but there’s no way to use the cursoring to go beyond what’s made available in the API.