Statuses/mentions_timeline does not include RTs



When I use statuses/mentions_timeline it seems impossible to fetch RTs… In the documentation it says it should replicate the “connect” tab but I only see mentions.
Whether I use include_rts=true or not … no RTs

How can i fetch all RTs of a user ?


It emulates the view of “mentions” – not the whole connect tab.

It doesn’t contain retweets of your tweets. It may contain retweets of tweets mentioning you. It’s still only a mentions timeline.

To retrieve tweets that were retweeted and authored by the authenticating user, you walk through their user timeline and retrieve retweets for each tweet with a non-zero retweet_count. Or use the Streaming API to capture them in real time as they happen.



I didn’t want to start a separate discussion as I think it relates to Bruno’s question. Or more specifically, the usage of include_rts parameter on statuses/mentions_timeline API. I have seen other discussions around this topic but this one seems closest.

To frame the question we are in the process of migrating from the legacy v1 to equivalent v1.1 APIs. According to the documentation, the legacy v1 statuses/metions, statuses/user_timeline and statuses/home_timeline APIs indicate that they support the include_rts parameter (although we found that the statuses/mentions API didn’t seem to behave as expected). In the case where the authenticated user retweets a mention, it was expected that the retweet would be returned with the nested retweeted status (mention) as is the case in the other API calls. However, it doesn’t seem to matter if this parameter is set as the mention is always returned as a top level status.

We have verified that the equivalent v1.1 statuses/user_timeline and statuses/home_timeline APIs support the include_rts parameter and behave as expected (although the parameter isn’t actually documented on the latter API nor on the statuses/mentions_timeline API).

The question is if it is planned for the v1.1 statuses/mentions_timeline to expose the behaviour above? The workaround with the legacy API was to call the statuses/retweeted_by_me API and update the statuses accordingly if a matching retweet was found. Obviously we would prefer not having to make additional calls to get this information. That and the fact that the statuses/retweeted_by_me API doesn’t seem to have been migrated yet. So worst case, is there a plan to migrate the statuses/retweeted_by_me API at some point?

Sorry for the long winded question but we would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance.


Why isn’t the REST API 1.1 Documentation updated with this fact then. It still says that mentions_timeline includes retweets. It still says:
“This method will include retweets in the JSON response regardless of whether the include_rts parameter is set.”

can I suggest changing it to:

“Tweets that come from the retweet function are not returned, only true mentions are. When a tweet contains “RT” and a user’s screen name, “@ClickWhisperer”, it’s not technically a retweet, although in spirit it may be; the API counts it as a mention.”

I would recommend removing the mention of the include_rts argument, at least in the API 1.1 docs, because it only creates confusion - if it’s been deprecated let it stay in API 1 docs - shouldn’t that be enough. I spent some time playing around and counting things empirically against returned results - I’m sure I’m not the only one who wasted time seeing if that argument is still in effect in some way.

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