Statuses/mentions and since_id not quite as described


The documentation states that, when since_id is provided, tweets with ids greater than the provided value are returned.

From my testing, I seem to be seeing tweets with id greater than or equal to the provided value.


Perhaps the rules are slightly different; its starting to look like it always returns the most recent mention regardless of the since_id query parameter.


Can you clarify a bit more with an example? Are you getting back a timeline response that contains a mention in a position where it shouldn’t be?


What I’m saying is I’m passing &since_id=X, expecting to see only ids > X, and I’m getting back a single mention that includes id X. I would expect to see an empty response if no new mentions have occurred.


Ah, I’ll update the documentation as you suggest as it’s the intended behavior to be inclusive. You could potentially, if you want to consider the ID an integer, increment the number by one before using it as a since_id to exclude the exact match result.