Statuses/filter rate limiting


I’m trying to find what the limits for posting to statuses/filter are and for the number of concurrent streams connected with the same account. I want to have at least one redundant stream connected so as to avoid losing data.

Couldn’t really find any documentation and in my tests, it seems that very few quick calls to statuses/filter is sufficient to trigger 420 errors.

Any idea where I can find this information?

Many thanks


There’s a page on connections and guidance here.

You should avoid repeatedly connecting in a short period of time, and exponentially back off.

You’re only going to be able to make a couple of connections per account before having the earliest one disconnected. The standard streaming API is not designed or intended for large scale usage.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Are the limits also documented somewhere? I noticed that after getting 420 and waiting a few seconds, I’d still get errors on the first attempt to reconnect.

I’d like to find what the minimum total backoff should be.


Same page states:

Back off exponentially for HTTP 420 errors. Start with a 1 minute wait and double each attempt. Note that every HTTP 420 received increases the time you must wait until rate limiting will no longer will be in effect for your account.