Statuses/filter limits context



Since the statuses/filter authentication is user context based:

Are the documented limits applied to each user context, or to a general application context?

For example, it is possible to have each user token with a connection parameters of 1 follow and 100 keywords without reaching the limit, or when the fourth connection is made by our app, we will be using the 400 keywords limit ?


Hi @drschranz - The limit of 400 keywords is applied per user context (aka per independently authenticated connection).

However, please do note that:

  • multi-key abuse is not permitted - you should have a reason for each individual user connection to have their own filter, and not aggregate the results.
  • in order to adjust the filter you will have to disconnect and reconnect, and that is rate limited.There is no way of adjusting a rule while the stream is already running.


Hello @Aurelia,

Thanks for the clarification and notes, we explore the API possibilities always as suggested by the documentation and community topics.