Statuses/filter/follow filters *out* statuses with "dotted" @names



If I setup a streamer to follow a particular account

(eg. /statuses/filter.json?follow=25073877)

and if a normally formatted status is sent to that account

(eg. status=’@realdonaldtrump ты опасный шут’)

then as expected I see that status flow in on the data stream.

if however the status is formatted as

status=’.@realdonaldtrump ты опасный шут’

then nothing appears on the stream.

Users do still often use the “dotted” addressing form and if it can’t get through, it breaks my app which relies on the streamer.


This is the expected behaviour. Per the documentation on the follow parameter:

The stream will not contain:

  • Tweets mentioning the user (e.g. “Hello @twitterapi!”).

The . prefix effectively makes this into a mention and not a reply, so it negates this aspect of the filter. There’s no workaround for this, and it is extremely unlikely that this behaviour will change on the standard streaming endpoints that exist today.


I hadn’t thought to consider it as a mention but of course it is.