Statuses/filter and search operators



We recently raised a new stream using Twitter’s ‘statuses/filter’ API. In our implementation we used the ‘track’ param to search for queries, which are originally being fed to the standard search endpoint.

While testing the stream we noticed that the search’s standard operators (e.g. ‘-’, ‘from:’, etc) are not operational for the standard stream, although it is mentioned in the Overview that they can be used ( Can someone shed some light on the subject?

Also, since the stream expects a comma-separated list, it’s a bit difficult to parse more complex boolean queries, such as ‘(k1 AND k2) OR (k1 AND k3)’, which are originally supported in the ‘search’ API. Is there a recommended solution to that issue, other than parsing these queries on both ends?

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Hey @ran5000,

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You cannot use the search operators with statuses/filter. You can only use the parameters listed here:

We have addressed part of your question in another forum posts:

The overview page that you are pointing towards is referring to the enterprise PowerTrack product. We have an item on our product roadmap that you might want to keep an eye on.


Hi @LeBraat,

Thanks for the reply and for pointing out regarding the roadmap - massage received :slight_smile: