Statuses_count variable is different depending which coast your on


I have a site that tracks total tweet # for various accounts. These past 48 hours that number has been flickering about 2 tweets in either direction. Users showed screenshots where last night the # under “Tweets” for @whitehouse was either 4090 or 4092 depending where they were. After 2 hours, everything was back in synch. Today has followed the same pattern exactly across the 4 accounts I’ve looked at, with a 2-hour delay exactly between been the “statuses_count” number on either coast before they both synch up. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any way I can make my API call twitter’s west coast servers, as those don’t seem to have the 2-hour delay?


Hello @pi_count,

Twitter does have multiple data centers but does not guarantee any specific SLAs related to this topic. I am glad to hear that you are seeing an eventual consistency between the results.