statuses_count is showing wrong value after deleting tweets


I have the problem that Twitter website is displaying another value in statuses_count than my app which uses the REST API v1.1.

today I posted via an app and the website, and afterwards I deleted some tweets via the website.

Now my app is showing a count that is 6 less than on the website.

It is similar to this problem here:

How can I solve that problem?
How long does it take until the REST API is showing the correct values again?


Most everything on Twitter is “eventually consistent” – there’s really no telling when things like counts will reach the ultimate “correct” value – beyond just … eventually.


it would help if the API shows the same value than the website. that’s what I want. it affects all twitter apps that use the REST API, so this should be an issue to look into.


I have also encountered this problem. I understand that the REST API cannot be 100% up-to-date all the time due to caching, but why can the site be? If possible, AT LEAST give us an indication of how long it will take before the values will be 100% correct again. Thanks