Status widget not loading required CSS - results in 403 forbidden


I work as a front-end dev for ABC News.

We sometimes embed tweets in our content. For example, there are two tweets embedded in this article:

As you can see, the tweet embeds are working when they are loaded on our live site.

However, before stories are published, they can be previewed (internally only) on our preview site - which has a different sub-domain. The url for the above story on our preview site is:

(Note that the above url will only work within our internal network. You won’t be able to get to that page.)

On our preview site, the twitter blockquotes in our page are transformed into an iFrame but they don’t appear because the CSS that the Twitter widget script attempts to load results in a 403 error.

Here is the url for the CSS that the widget script is attempting to load:

If you click on that CSS url you’ll see an XML response with an AccessDenied error.

Has anyone else come across the problem of CSS not loading due to a 403 error? Can anyone recommend a way of sorting this problem out?


Is it possible that your Function.prototype.bind is overridden in your internal site? widgets.js relies on a spec compliant bind function. Perhaps an old version of prototype.js which overrides bind with a spec non-compliant version.


Thanks for your help! Very much appreciated. The preview environment runs some scripts - one of which was overriding Function.prototype.bind badly. We’ve got a workaround in place now and all is good. Thanks again.