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A client has asked me to fix a tweet issue.

He’s using a system that auto-tweets when new content is uploaded to his site. The content contains one or more images. The problem is that when the status update is assembled, the image is sent, but the status update also contains a link to the media, e.g. “[status_message], [link_to_content], [link_to_picture]”, example: “Check this out,,”.

Is it possible to remove the link to the picture whilst still have the image uploaded to Twitter? My gut feeling is that the answer is no, but I though I would ask the experts.



Using statuses/update_with_media will cause the link to be added automatically.

What would be the point of uploading an image to Twitter and not including the link to the image in the tweet? If there’s no link stored anywhere, there’s no way for anyone to see the image.


Hi Arne,

No, I see what you’re saying. I was just wondering whether it could be done via another means. My client is complaining that they don’t want to see an image link within the status update, but would still like for there to be an image uploaded.

If it’s not possible, then that’s fine, I just wanted clarification in case I missed something.



So the client wants the image to be associated with the Tweet in Twitter’s UI, but doesn’t want the link to be part of the text? Unfortunately this is not possible.

The way I think about this kind of thing is that raw Tweets are still frequently delivered via SMS. Requiring the link in the raw text ensures that SMS consumers still have a pointer to the image, while keeping the message under the 140 character SMS limit.


It totally makes sense to use it this way.
I am actually looking for the same solution as it works for Instagram, where there is only one link to instagram page and content is still accessible though the website with “View photo” link and preview of media.

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