Status Update with Geo Location


When doing a status update via the REST API what are the expectations about how the tweet looks on

I am statuses/update with lat, long and display_coordinates specified in the call. After the update is successfully completed I get a response that includes:


The user information also includes the "geo_enabled":true.

So it seems that the tweet is properly geo tagged. When I view the tweet on I am expecting to see the lat,lon included in the tweet display. The FAQ states:

“If you tap the location marker while composing your Tweet and toggle on the option to tag your precise location, that Tweet will include both the location label of your choice and your device’s precise location (latitude and longitude), which can be found via API.”

Is this true for the REST API as well? What I see is the place that is associated with the lat, lon that I used. In the case it says “California”. What I would like to see is the specific lat, lon that the message is tagged with. I have display_coordinates=true when doing the status update.

Do I have the wrong expectation or am I using the API wrong?


This is my current understanding of the location data on tweets. You basically have pinpoint coordinates that give you a lat/long and places that are associations with specific locations (Starbucks, New York City, Florida, etc)

If you want named places (“Market Cafe, City, State”) you should use the GET geo/search to find the place you want associated with the tweet and include the ID when creating the status.

If you are getting other people’s tweets that only have coordinates you could again use the geo/search to find possible places to display.