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I’ve followed this to upload a video and it works successfully:

After the FINALIZE I post a /statuses/update with the returned media_id_string and the video is not included.

If I send a STATUS command I get

{"errors":[{"code":325,"message":"A media id was not found."}]}

What do I need to do to get the video included?


Oh dear. Looks like I’ve posted in a dormant forum.


We have some documentation on how to upload videos and other media. Is your media in a valid format? Has the encoding completed? Do you get a valid response from the FINALIZE command?


I followed that documentation, and it looks like I get a valid response from the FINALIZE, e.g:


but if I subsequently do a statuses/update with this media_id_string, I get the tweet with no video included.


I thought this was included in the page I previously pointed you at… but it doesn’t seem to be there.

Can you try uploading again as you were, and after FINALIZE, make a call passing a STATUS command? This is mentioned in the chunked upload docs. I’m curious to know whether the video is being fully processed before you attempt to attach to the Tweet.


Ok if I do that I get the dreaded

{"errors":[{"code":38,"message":"media parameter is missing."}]}

as a response.



I’m having the same issue. Were you able to resolve the problem on your end?




I’m also facing the same issue. Please help.


@sudha0618 Please could you provide more information? Are you having trouble with upload or status update with mediaId?


I got valid response as mentioned in documentation for first 3 steps INIT,APPEND and FINALIZE.
Facing issue with STATUS update with media id.

Response from FINALIZE Command:
“media_id”: 697303075778748416,
“media_id_string”: “697303075778748416”,
“size”: 383631,
“expires_after_secs”: 86400,
“video”: {
“video_type”: “video/mp4”

Reponse from STATUS command
"errors": [
“code”: 38,
“message”: “media parameter is missing.”


That would seem to suggest a malformed STATUS request. Can you paste it here?


@sudha0618 Thanks. There are few issues here.

  1. You have to use STATUS command only when FINALIZE response includes “processing_info” field. Following is an example of async finalize response which requires use of STATUS command. In this case, you poll for update using STATUS command and should move to next step which is usually create tweet with mediaId after “state” is set to “succeeded”.

    “state”:“pending”, // state transition flow is pending -> in_progress -> [failed|succeeded]
    “check_after_secs”:5, // check for the update after 5 seconds

  2. STATUS command requires http GET method. You will see “media parameter is missing” response if you use POST method.

In your case, FINALIZE response doesn’t include any “processing_info” field so you don’t have to use STATUS command at all. After upload FINALIZE, you can call create tweet api with mediaId.

Our current api documentation doesn’t include these important details. We are going to fix it asap.

iOS Swift : How to make async upload for video and check status update?

Thanks for the update. Still facing issue while creating tweet with video id.
I followed the below steps given in documentation.(
Step 1.Upload the video content using the POST media/upload (chunked) endpoint.- Completed– I got response from Finalize command without Processing_info field so I proceed to step 2.
Step 2. Create the video object and queue the media for processing using the POST /videos endpoint and the media_id from step 1 along with an optional video title and description.-Geting Error - While posting the media_id from step 1 to twitter through POST /videos endpoint getting below error.

Step 3. Once your video has finished processing, using the video_id from GET /videos you can create a Tweet using the POST accounts/:account_id/tweet endpoint.

Response from Step 2 (Post/Videos Endpoint):
_Data = {
“errors”: [
“code”: “NOT_FOUND”,
“message”: “Media not found”
“request”: {
“params”: {
“video_media_id”: 697659743494471681,
“account_id”: “18ce53yho7j”

Due to this error am not able to proceed to step 3 and create tweet. I didn’t get any videos from Get/Videos Endpoint because of this error from step 2. Please check this issue.


@sudha0618 Thanks for more details. In order to use mediaId of video file with ads api, you have to pass “media_category=amplify_video” param with INIT command of media upload api. This will return async finalize response so you have to also use STATUS command.


@sudha0618 We are going to update with this requirement. Sorry for the trouble.

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