Status.retweeted_status.quoted_status.user missing from search/tweets.json response


Example search:"I%20love%20Tom%20Cat"%20from%3Amizannagda

The status with id_str “710145182126084097” is a retweet of a quoted tweet, but retweeted_status.quoted_status.user is missing. When fetching the status from /show/710145182126084097.json the retweeted_status.quoted_status.user property is populated as expected.


This is the expected behaviour - the search endpoint has not been updated to return quoted Tweets, or extended media entities like video. You’ll have to retrieve those via the individual Tweet lookup endpoints.


That’s annoying. Are there plans on updating the search endpoint to be more consistent?


No plans that I’m aware of at the moment, but if anything gets scheduled we will announce via the forums.


Easiest way around this, although it requires two (or three depending on your count parameter) api calls is to use /search/tweets.json, grab all the tweet ids and using /tweets/lookup.json