Status of Site Streams Beta


I mean C’mon do we have to buy a site stream API from underground ?


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The site streams beta is currently at capacity and we are not adding new partners to the program at this time. We apologise that this is frustrating for many of you, but we need to manage capacity to ensure a good user experience for the many developers and users who use the platform every day.


that’s absolutely not fair , i think i would have to pay to someone who don’t need the API access no more , i already spent a lot of money developing against site stream and there is no way back because without site stream my project wouldn’t work


Is there a timeline for when new partners will be added?


No, we are not planning to add additional partners at this time and have no timeline for any change to this position.


How about plans to move Site Streams OUT of beta and into general availability? Is this a true beta, or more of an evaluation of whether or not Twitter really wants to provide this offering?


The current status is that the program is at capacity. We don’t have plans to move it out of beta at this time but we continue to look at the way forward.


Andy, thanks for this info. Is there anywhere we can subscribe for updates on this? Perhaps this post will receive an update if you open back up?

We are redeploying our pre-existing infrastructure under a new brand and were looking to get our sitestreams back up. Given this setback, we will likely build out a workaround with user streams and REST API calls as a stop-gap.

Do you have any insight into whether or not we’d be penalized for pushing harder on those technologies in the interim?

Thanks for your help,


Possibly - more likely it would be in the announcements forum, and via @twitterapi on Twitter itself. Obviously I’d try to remember to update relevant threads too!

Existing rate limits will still apply on the existing API endpoints, I’m afraid - but there’s nothing stopping you from building something on those.