Status Length limits



Okay so, I created a tool that will send a tweet to people who followed you saying “Thank you” or a message the user sets(The user enables this feature, before it automates)

So my question is, with the limit being 140 characters, are @username tags included into this limit, and are twitter converted links included into this limit? I read something a while back that they may not be, and I cant seem to find it, or anything similar.

My use case/problem:
When the user defines their own message, the user wont be thinking of the @mention tag for their follow reply. So if the limit is 140 characters on the front end, and the users message is 140 characters, then I followed this user, it would then try to tweet at them with “@ItsMrSammeh their text” thus meaning character count is 152 characters. Unless the @mention isnt factored into this?





Yes, @mentions and URLs in the body of the reply are all counted against the 140 characters.