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@TheNightBefore: Regarding the topic start_time and end_time Issue, you posted a few days ago, you said that

[…] when the start_time = ‘2015-09-01T07:00:00Z’ and end_time = ‘2016-02-20T07:00:00Z’, it worked fine […]

(in America/Los_Angeles timezone) but I did some testing just now, and it seems that each date has to be in its own DST - this way it doesn’t throw an error. So the way it would have worked in the case above would have been like this:

start_time = '2015-09-01T07:00:00Z'
end_time = '2016-02-20T08:00:00Z'

since the DST changed on 2015-11-01 for America/Los_Angeles ( ).

Can you confirm that the interval you first posted throws an error in fact?


I also noticed a bug: end_time is not optional, like the docs say, but required, because if I don’t set it, I get the error Expected start_time to be before end_time, got "2016-02-29T07:00:00Z" for start_time..

How to set time range for /stats if end_time null?
How to set time range for /stats if end_time null?

The bug with end_time has been solved.

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