Hi all,

I’m starting to “play” with TAP and trying to retrieve statistics when I put PRODUCT_TYPE as MEDIA.

I don’t know how to do it regarding to this documentation:


How could I do that request?


Analytics V1 - Metrics for Promoted Video on Video Views Pre-roll Campaigns

Hey @hector_borras

I had the same issue here:

There is no promotable object for PRODUCT_TYPE => “MEDIA” that we can get metrics on. Twitter’s recommendation is to get the line item metrics, since they don’t support a “PROMOTED_MEDIA” entity type to retrieve metrics on.


Thanks for the response @msbukkuri,

But that is a problem if we want to promote more than one MEDIA in a LineItem… How could we optimize that?..

Hopefully they will provide us some endpoint or entity to request…


@hector_borras I totally understand your concern and that’s the reason why I had asked as well. I don’t think Twitter has solved that yet. I hope that they will release another entity type that will allow us to do that. But at the moment, that doesn’t look like the case, according to @hwz. She hasn’t responded to my last message on that forum post.


@hector_borras I also updated my forum post with your comments, hopefully someone will respond.



I’ll keep on oye on this!



As you may have seen from the linked thread from @msbukkuri, this is something we’ve put in a feature request for. We’ll let you know in that thread with any updates. Thanks for the feedback!


@hwz Any update on this? Would be really good to get an ETA on this - this is exciting stuff!


Hi, @msbukkuri. Thanks for checking in! No update quite yet. We’ll let you know once we have more information. Thanks for your patience.