Stats for media creatives


I’ve followed the steps here to create media TAP ads ( The objects look right and I’m able to see spend and clicks through the twitter UI. What I’m wondering is how to get those stats through the API. The stats calls we’re using require an entity in CAMPAIGN, ORGANIC_TWEET, PROMOTED_TWEET, LINE_ITEM, FUNDING_INSTRUMENT, ACCOUNT. This doesn’t seem to include any of the TAP specific objects. The line item is there, and I can find some of my stats there, but obviously I lose granularity about how the individual creatives are performing.

It looks like those metrics exist though, as the Twitter UI is able to display them. Has anyone used the stats api to pull these?

Is there a way to fetch Analytics for Media Creatives in Twitter Ads API?

@JD_Spencer7: Thanks for the question. You’re right about the stats requests. You can only request stats on the following entities, as listed in the Metrics and Segmentation in Analytics documentation page: ACCOUNT, FUNDING_INSTRUMENT, CAMPAIGN, LINE_ITEM, PROMOTED_TWEET, and ORGANIC_TWEET.


@JD_Spencer7: Check out our v5 announcement.

We now support MEDIA_CREATIVE entities in our analytics endpoints.