Stats API and dashboard



I have a question about spend number(billed_charge_local_micro) we can get from stats API and Twitter dashboard. I also see the discrepancy between those two numbers depending on when I extract data. Also I have seen the historical spend updated retroactively.


  • How often the spend numbers in dashboard and billed_charge_local_micro in API get updated? which one is more most up-to-date number?

  • How long does Twitter update data retroactively? Is it based on attribution window?

Eventually I need to know which number I should trust for the billing purpose, since I know those two numbers never match up 100%.


Hi @Makoto875176881,

We generally say 24-36 hours is safe timeframe to re-sync the data after batch processing jobs have ran. Before that point, it is solely based on real time data, which could change after batch processing. Both UI and API should be in sync, if data is missing or low in one view, it should match the other.

Once the spend data is processed by batch, that chunk of data is not processed again. Therefore it is not based on attribution window, only conversion data would be re processed up until attribution window has passed.