Statistics on subscribed feeds



I recently subscribed to a number of feeds and would like to see how many tweets per day I receive from each. Is there way to see this in bar chart or other format?

Thank you, Steve


When you say you “subscribed to a number of feeds”, I assume you mean you followed a number of other users? There’s no built-in counter to tell you how many Tweets come from an individual account per day, but you could build something yourself using the API to measure that.


Thanks for the reply. I’m not at the programming stage for sure and was wondering if you (or anyone) knew of a third party product that could let me see the tweet count for feeds I am subscribed to.


Could you draw a fake chart so that i understand exactly your need ?


What do you mean by feeds? lists?


Sure, let’s say I am following three people, Person 1, Person 2, and Person 3 who on a particular day send 5, 10, and 15 tweets respectively. If I could get that data and plot it:

Person 1 xxxxx
Person 2 xxxxxxxxxx
Person 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The idea being that once you have 50 or so followings it is hard to tell if just a few that send out a lot of tweets are burying the rest. The above data and resulting graph could serve as a check.


Due to rate limits you may struggle but the way I think you’ll have to do it is to fetch the recent statuses for each person. Figure out how many each one has tweeted in the past 24 hours and then compare the results.


Perhaps a desktop client or Chrome extension has this information. I could day by day send out limited requests and within a few weeks have a general idea. My RSS reader lets me know how many unread posts I have for each feed and Twitter itself alerts to this in aggregate in the tab for Chrome.

Thanks for the help


The easiest way for this should be :
For each user, with the REST API you can get the account creation date and the number of posted tweets (statuses count). Then you can calculate the user activity with : statuses_count / days, where days is the number of days from the creation date to now. For me it gives 0.87 tweets per days. But i wasn’t very active at the beginning.
Or you can, for each user, get from 200 to 3200 last tweets ( and aggregate by date.


Either is a solution. Thank you for this start. Steve