Standard Search API Data fidelity: Incomplete




I’m making an application that need “real time data”. For this reason I need call the search API each few minutes, but I don’t need old twits, so the Standard API is enough for it. But in the documentation it says “Data fidelity: Incomplete”, what it means?

For my app, i only need search a hastag and a geoposition and I’m sure each request give me less than 20 twits, but I need all of them. Is the standard search enough for my app?



The standard search API works on an incomplete index of up to 6-9 days of data. Brand new accounts, low quality Tweets that have been marked as spam by users, or other signals, may mean that certain Tweets are not available via the standard endpoint.

Only a very small proportion of Tweets carry geodata, as applied by users.

When you say “I need all of them” - all of what - all of the Tweets with a hashtag over the course of a 7 day period? The standard search endpoint will be unlikely to return all of the Tweets, but it might return enough for your purposes.


“All of them” are all the twits with geodata and a specific hashtag and that are published in the last 5 minutes. The number of twits that meets these requirements will be a little number (usually the number will be 0, 1 or 2), but I need found all of them.

For example, if each day only 1 twit meets these requirements I must be sure I will found it. Can I be sure that standard api will give me it?

In negatve case, what i need?