Standalone Mobile App Authentication. Newbie


I have given myself a 100 day coding challenge to build my first mobile app. I am keeping it simple. But I have an idea for a different twitter app . I figured twitter api would be a good place to start. I was a programmer 10 years ago and want to get back into programming with some mobile app building.

I finished a simple proof of coding on my home server. Using PHP, HTML and some jQuery. I register my app with twitter dev and have my test app keys. i authenticated with twitter and was able to get my user list object, parse the object and present list into my mobile web interface. all worked well.

I new I had to build a mobile app at end of my coding cycle. So today I figured I would rewrite the php into javascript calls to twitter for authentication and list object request. Since I would be using PhoneGap to make the standalone twitter mobile app.

After reading the oAuth api I came away assuming I cannot call direct to twitter via javascript in mobile app? Twitter only supports authentication with a callback to a 3rd party server for tokens?

I am sure I am missing something hereā€¦

Is is possible to present a user from within a mobile app screen a login screen to capture username/pwd (to twitter) and pass that via https and get the access tokens back without using a external server or call back? Again trying to build a standalone mobile app.

Bill S.