Stack overflow on line 2915''


When i try and use twitter on my PC, i am always getting this message come up; ‘’ Stack overflow on line ---- ‘’.
Every ‘‘stack’’ has a different number, meaning for every time i try and use twitter i get the ‘‘stack overflow’’ and then a different number.
It kind of ‘’ F R E E Z E S ‘’ my computer?


We can’t help much here with general site issues.

But I’m curious – is this the web site giving you this error? If so, what web browser and version are you using?


I keep getting the same message but always with error 2915!!! I use the latest Internet explorere on a 64bits PC (Win7)… Result: I am not using twitter at all!
Any ideas?
thanks & regards,



I am getting the exact same Stack Overflow and haven’t been able to get on Twitter for weeks now. Would love to find a resolution. Using a Dell Laptop running Windows 7 and using IE 8.


Hi, I have the same error. I use Windows 7 and Iexplorer 8 (64 bit). If you open the site with Iexplorer normal version (no 64 bit), you don’t receive the error


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