Ssl:// error


I run socialengine and am getting a ssl:// error.

Any thoughts? the API has already been fixed to point to https:


@blizzbook, we updated the patch article and it should work now. It was happening because the PEAR OAuth library was doing a ssl peer verification.


Make sure that you continue to verify peers. If you aren’t verifying peers, then your SSL isn’t functioning correctly.


im still having the same issue? whats the fix?


found the solution at


That solution is still not correct.

You want to change your OAuth URLs to*-based paths – the api subdomain is important for future proofing your application.


Worked on both local and live site. Thanks!


Error Code: 06974f
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I am using a search api but i am getting the following error i have created my app and i am using the correct access tokens please help me.

I/O error on GET request for “”:peer not authenticated; nested exception is peer not authenticated.

Thanks you.


Sachin, this java error means that you are trusting the wrong set of certificates. The following article explain how to fix this:


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