SSL certificate of twitter


I would like develop an application i.e to tweet a message form an embedded board. I am using Spansion based MCU integrated to redpine WiFi my processor is arm cortex based M4. my part number of mcu is MB9BF566LQN. RAM 64k and ROM 512k. I am developing this in CooCox IDE.
I have created an application in named CalBee_testing.
I have downloaded the ssl certificate of this website. i have tested ssl certificate verification by using cyssl tool in fedora version18.

As twitter is having wide range of ip’s i am unable to establish a tcp Connection with pc.
if i give a ping command to the website each time it is giving me a different ip address.
can you suggest me is there any static ip for accessing this website, as cyssl tool needs a particular ip address for accessing and if it gets connected then certificate exchange will happen which needs to be flashed in to redpine WiFi chip.

I need the ssl certificate for this website

could anybody help me out?


Information on Twitter’s SSL setup for API access is in the developer documentation.