Spurious rate limit errors


Hi there. We’re getting occasional rate errors of the form (reported by the twitter4j package we’re using):
429:Returned in API v1.1 when a request cannot be served due to the application’s rate limit having been exhausted for the resource. See Rate Limiting in API v1.1.(https://dev.twitter.com/docs/rate-limiting/1.1)
message - Rate limit exceeded
code - 88

We’re only getting a few of them a day (out of hundreds of Twitter requests), but we shouldn’t be getting any, as we’re using the user identity to make the requests (I guess unless some users have hit their limit?). Also, we got a ‘storm’ of rate errors yesterday, which appeared to end around 2pm PST.

Any idea (anyone) what might be happening, and if there’s anything we can do here to avoid getting any rate errors?