Spontaneous redirects to https://twitter.com/i/jot on web pages with Twitter Embedded Timelines (iPad, iOS 5.1.1)


When opening a web page that has Twitter Embedded Timelines, e.g. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines, from inside the official Twitter App v.5.9.1 or a web browser Ghostery (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ghostery/id472789016) on first generation iPad (iOS 5.1.1), the web page redirects to https://twitter.com/i/jot (or https://platform.twitter.com/jot.html) within few seconds with a message like:
The specified method is not allowed against this resource.
The issue is similar to https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/19136, as Twitter App on this iPad spontaneously redirects to https://twitter.com/i/jot from time to time, when viewing regular web pages inside Twitter App.
To reproduce the problem, open a web page that has Embedded Timelines in Ghostery using a URL https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines or open the same page from inside the official Twitter App using a link in tweet https://twitter.com/twitterapi/status/344570329139642368 (wait for several seconds for the redirect to occur).
Can you reproduce this behavior - spontaneous redirects to https://twitter.com/i/jot on web-pages with Embedded Timelines - using Ghostery browser (be sure to click Options -> Block All Trackers) or official Twitter App on iOS 5.1.1?
Is it JavaScript code by developed by Twitter that causes redirects to https://twitter.com/i/jot, and is it possible to prevent these redirects?
Thank you.


I too am having this happen although I do not use any mobile apps or hardware (only my Windows v8.1 64-bit computer with Firefox v29. I have just installed Ad Blocker Plus and am going to block this annoying popup and see what happens.