Sponsoring tweets in ad banners


Dear all,

I am wondering if it’s possible to sponsor twitter content in publisher website. Let me explain with an example. On the one hand, there is a company A whose business is about food. Company A have a twitter account. On the other hand, there is a blog B which is a blog about food.

Can company A sponsor they twitter content by displaying and ad with some tweets on the blog (B)? Note that company A would pay money to B for the sponsorship.

I’ve already read the section IV about comercial use and it confuses me.
It says "respect user content – Tweets may be used in advertisements, not as advertisements."
It also says in section 3, which is about user content: “Get the users’ permission before: creating an advertisement that implies the sponsorship or endorsement on behalf of the user”

Is it possible to do what I asked above?

Thanks :slight_smile: