Spend Incorrect for Line Items and PTw



From 2015-08-31 02:00 UTC to 2015-08-31 07:45 UTC we saw campaigns spend beyond their allocated budget. As always, advertisers will never be billed a value greater than the budget set. We did adjust some billed_charge_local_micro values as a result of this over spend, and have corrected these values on the account, funding_instrument and campaign. This was done within the 3-day window for billing metric settlement, as outlined in our best practices. We did not, nor do we plan to, correct overspend billed_charge_local_micro values on line_items or promoted_tweets entities. As a result, you may see that spend is slightly higher and inaccurate for only the period listed above.

For partners who would like or need the billing metrics as displayed in the ads.twitter.com UI, please pull data on the campaign level.