Specific users not showing up in Search API


Hi guys,

I have a bot on this account which searches for specific terms, particularly a couple of hashtags, and retweets everything placed on them as long as they’re not from a banned user (in order to prevent spam) and don’t contain banned words.

There are specific users who, for some reason, are not showing up on the search API. One of those is @Kavidun and another is my own main account @suhosinpony. I’ve read the generic help topic, which doesn’t help very much because both accounts have names & bios filled in, both are active and neither are new.

I’m having to resort to hacky options like reading timelines for specific users, and even this won’t guarantee that I can get tweets from everyone, just everyone who complains. Please advise how to get these accounts back on the search API or how to do a search without the seemingly very random Twitter filtration.