Spamming applications


Dear Twitter Staff,

I used to report spamming applications using the form located at this link:

Sometimes, reported spamming applications get suspended and sometimes are ignored. Nowadays, especially with Arabic tweets, many many ads for selling followers, auto retweets, automatic replies are being automated. I’ve never visited any active hashtag without seeing lots of spamming tweets. I also find many hashtags filled up with fake tweets that are totally unrelated to the hashtag. For this reason, many potential users started hating using Twitter and most of them have already stopped using it.

It’s really annoying and the majority of users are not technical so that they can identify the application name and URL and then report it. I see lots of users, who know nothing about twitter applications, respond and interact with those spamming tweets.

I believe Twitter work very hard to fight spammers and protect users. However, I personally need a way that help me report dozens of spamming applications, as reporting applications one by one is a time consuming task.

Actually, if any staff from Twitter who can understand Arabic or even use Google Tanslate had a quick look on some arabic tweets, he will immediately find there is something wrong.

Is there anyway I can report applications in bulk? or any staff with whom I can cooperate and make the platform clean and more convenient.



Hi @bmbsa, Thanks for bringing this up and we really appreciate your help in reporting malicious apps. We’re working to improve the process and beginning to roll out additional ways for users to report bad apps. I assure you every app that you report is thoroughly investigated, and although not all may face suspension there are often corrective communications and remedy plans put in place. In regards to bulk reporting, feel free to submit multiple apps in one ticket at Thanks again for your efforts!