SPAM Twits : How to minimize spam twits from REST API?



Good day everyone. Just need your big help. Do you have any idea how to minimize if we can’t eliminate SPAM twits from REST API?
I’m gathering twits in a city using REST API for analysis. And I saw that there were twits from the same account with just very small interval of time, same location and with the same text contents. I already have couple of million twits in my database. Do you know some techniques or ways to get rid or filter these twits? Thank you in advance.


Can you be more specific in your question please? Which API endpoint are you calling and what is the issue you are seeing?


hello sir. Thank you for the reply. I already edited my post above for more information.


There is no mechanism in the API for filtering those. You’ll have to do that in your own code, or exclude the keywords or senders in your search query.


Ahh… thanks for the info sir. Do you have an idea of any algorithm existing right now for problems like this?