Space is changed into %2520 of Url of my website page when i tweet this page


I have used Twitter Like in my website. My problem is that if there is any space in url of page of website then that space is changed into %2520 when i tweet this page. suppose my page url is http://MyWebsiteUrl/Colors/About Colors . when i tweet this page then this page url is changed into http://MyWebsiteUrl/Colors/About%20Colors. so when i go to my twitter account and click on that link then my page is not opening due to presence of 25 in url. if space is changed into %20 then i don’t have any problem. The page is opening. In facebook like space is changed into %20. so no problem.
How can i avoid this 25 or %2520 from my url of website page. Please suggest me.


we have this problem too - EG on