Source attribute: White Labeling a Twitter app


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According to various online sources, a tweet’s attribute is no longer writable in a POST:status update. My company provides social media management solutions to small businesses, and our deployment strategy includes the ability to white label our application; thus, Joe’s Submarine Sandwich Shack can skin our app and use it without any of our branding. The one remaining hurdle in this strategy is that, because our users’ tokens are tied to our application, any message sent from our app displays our registered app name.

Ideally, we’d like to be able to override our application id and allow our clients to display something like “Sent from JoesSubmarineSandwichShack”. It sounds like this solution is likely unfeasible in the current API. Even if it’s not possible to register new conditional source strings for our application, would it be possible to allow apps to selectively display generic sources, i.e. “Sent from Web” or “Sent from API”? It is not our intention to deceive the twitter platform, but to provide our licensed clients with access via our application in such a way that allows them to hide from their own customers the fact that they’re using our application. Anyone with thoughts?


The Twitter API offers few options for this kind of whitelabeling. If a client of yours needs any kind of custom source attribution, they’ll need a unique application to provide it. I would not advise munging the source field when displaying tweets in your own interface – omitting it entirely would probably be a more kosher option.