Sorry, you may only attach 100 widgets to a Twitter account


I wonder if there is any way to create more than 100 widgets in one twitter account .

I am creating a web site like this!twitter-lists1/cmuw
only using twitter.

I would be very helpful , I hope your answer thanks .


There should be no limit of the number of embedded timelines you can use in a site, because with our recent change to the way timelines are setup and embedded, there’s no need to create them in your account settings.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with playerplug so I cannot offer advice regarding that platform.


you could help me by telling me what the recent changes? , most likely I’m still working the way it worked before.

I use this link to create the timeline
and shows me this message


The blog post I linked to in my previous reply has all of the links you need to the new ways of embedding timelines via


this has helped me a lot. thank you very much


hi andy

I just finished reading the blog and more links inside the blog

But, I can not find the way to create a timeline of advanced search with the recent changes .

example : timeline with this exact phrase " New Car #VW #Jetta " but only members of a specific list.

I tried with twweddeck , but sends me straight to

last way only paste " list: GuruCompraVende/Agencia New Car #VW #Jetta"

there is some maera create this kind of timeline

thank you very much for your attention.

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