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Java 1.6 using Twitter4j-core-3.0.3

Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getInstance(profile.getSuperToken().getAccessToken()); if (!this.isRateLimitExceeded(twitter, "post")) { try { Status twitterStatus = twitter.updateStatus(statusText); // save twitter status
} catch (TwitterException te) {
   // ignore


This code works like 99% of time successfully, but recently, we’ve been seeing twitter post id that simply are wrong meaning that the tweet status exists but has a different number than what the Status returns.

Example: – not found
Should actually be – this is the actual posting

How do I know? I compare the actual status text posted that gave me post id ending in 8305 but found it on the user’s status page as post id ending in 1569.

Did Twitter somehow migrate data and renumber the post? My code works properly like 99% of the time, yet I cannot debug nor explain this error.

Any ideas?