Sorry, something went wrong. The client identifier was missing or unknown


Would like to Tweet from this page. Thoughts on why unable to? I get: “Sorry, something went wrong. The client identifier was missing or unknown” after clicking the tweet button.




Hi Ezra,

I noticed that you have a space before your consumer/API key in your inclusion of the anywhere.js file where you define the id parameter. This might be causing your problem:


where do you get the The client identifier


By registering an application at and using the consumer key (AKA “api key”) returned to you as the “client identifier.”


I got this problem too and it work now. I didn’t notice the space. Thanks.


i have done all of this but still get the same error message i have the tweet box on my website but when i try use it it keep coming up the the same message as written in previous post and i have registered for an API key but no joy could you help?


Hi i managed to get rid of that error message forgot to add my Key to my HTML code now it is asking me if i wanna connect to my account i say yes and then i get an error message thanks for noticing something went wrong! should i act on this or wait


is it because i dont have a call back code what is this and where does it go on my website


Is your app set to read and write? Are you using it on an external domain name? Did you pre-register a callback to register the domain?


Sorry, something went wrong.

Small_robot The provided callback url http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Ftwitter%2F is not authorized for the client registered to ‘’.

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