Something is wrong with "Embed this Tweet"


I am using “Embed this Tweet” line on the detailed tweet page.
( I am mentioning about this page, for exsample. )
I generated some HTML code with this function, pasted it in a HTML document, and checked it in my web browser.
Then, I noticed that the tweet is shown in plain text, not decorated like displayed in bottom of the “Embed this Tweet” dialog.
I checked the HTML code, and I found that the src property in the script tag is wrong.
It was “//”, and I think “” is right.
Actually, when I modified the code like this, it worked correctly.
Please check it.

( I am Japanese and I am sorry if my English is strange. )


That URL format won’t become “active” when viewing a web page on your own machine, without the mediation of a web server. Usually if you don’t see this working, it’s because you’re not viewing from a web server.


Thanks! It worked!

But, I wonder why they made this function with such a specification.
I don’t think it is good to make a limitation about where it works.

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