Something is technically wrong


I have just set up a tweetbox directly in my web site. The box works but once I try and Connect it says “Something is technically wrong.” but gives no further explaination. Can anyone see what might be wrong?


Is your @Anywhere application setup for read & write permissions?


Yes, it is at Read and Write. originally it wasn’t but i changed it over 2 days ago and it is still giving me this error. Should i set it to: Read, Write and Access direct messages?


I’ve just figured it out. you HAVE TO set up the Callback Url. I assumed it automatically set up my web site as the Callback. Works fine now.


As a novice to all this, could you tell me how to set up a callback url, please?


Thanks, setting callback url fixes the problem.
But why should we provide a callback url if we are using it for @Anywhere application?


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