Somes questions about Rest Api to Direct Messages



Hello everybody,

I’m reading the twitter’s documentation and I’m creating an app to direct messages, but for now, I would like understand how it works to create my app based on it.


  1. All uploaded files to my application (image, GIF and video) I must upload it to twitter? Have a way to send just URL from my file?

  2. All uploaded files must be check STATUS?

Direct messages:

  1. To send one direct message I must have the recipient_id? Could I send one activation to user if he already talked with my bot (like a “Hello, you forgot me?”, to keep a conversation alive or send news from company (not spam)?

Rate limit:

  1. (Requests / 24-hour window - 1000 per user; 15000 per app), I can send 15k messages per day?
    I think that 1000 per user is too much, but 15k per app is few because the page have 4 millions followers.

Thank you!


Yes, you have to upload the files to Twitter. You can include a URL, but it will just be a URL, not a media file on Twitter or in the Direct Message.

You don’t have to check the status of the upload, but we highly recommend it, as it reduces the chances of errors when attaching the media to a Tweet or Direct Message.

If a user has already sent you a Direct Message, then you would already have the recipient ID. Yes, you need the recipient ID to send a message.

As announced this week, from September 10, all applications will have a POST limit enforced which would reduce this to 1000 Direct Messages per day in total across all users. If you need more than this, you’ll need to apply for an elevation once you’ve applied for your new developer account. Note that adaptive rate limits also apply to Direct Messages.


Thank you!!!