Someone has hacked my twitter account


hi i think someone has hacked my account as i have just been told by one of my followers that they have received a message from me saying they need to lose weight and i havent been on for a while could you get it sorted please


how can i stop some one who has hacked my acconnt


Please visit for such issues


Добрый день! Прошу помочь моей проблеме. Аккакунт взломан. От моего имени отправляются твиты, которых я лично не пишу. Например “Леонид Никифоров @LeoPandarp 10 мин отек легких причины” - этого твита я не отправлял!!! Подобная проблема замечена только сегодня утром. Заранее благодарен.




hacked and happy bye bye scumbags I have a life


If My human remembers…he joined a shield or firewall type program that Twitter backs which puts a lock symbol on his messages. I forgot what it’s called but it makes sure that you are the one logged in to your account. Like I say, I’ve forgotten the name of it but my human has it so my tweets aren’t hacked.