Someone hacked my Twitter Handles


Support haven’t emailed me when I filled out the forms on the website. The guy hacked 6 of our handles, and changed the email to all of it. I can still tweet from it because its connected to my Tweetdeck, Twitter’s security really need an overhaul. I saw the emails when the guy tried to change the Handle’s emails but there was no link to unauthorized it, but there is a link to contact support…Which just lengthens things. I have even contacted ChaCha affiliates because the guy hacked into my ChaCha account and remove the handles and added it to his own account. This is really hurting me, can someone please tell me what I could do? The handles were @NiggaStewStew @KingDuy @TheRealFatGirl @OnlyBlackPeter @AthleticGod @RetweetRealest2

He also hacked into my personal Gmail, account to which I have his IP and location (Not sure if proxy)
He added his email to my twitter accounts info @KingDuy
He changed the name of my Gmail to Jacob Rice

I’m a college student and Twitter was how I was making bills payments surviving, I also have to help my parents out. If you guys can provide any help it would be greatly appreciated.


He changed my Twitter Handle @KingDuy to @Carinates, but he kept my twitpic. That was my personal Twitter with all my friends. Please help.

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